The evolution of modern fruit farming has led to considerable changes in the production and multiplication of fruit bearing plants, from both the regulatory and technical-economic points of view.
The quality of the nursery product is a determining factor in the creation of a competitive and highly productive orchard.
The development of the plants, the characteristics of the secondary branching and the quality of the union at the graft point are important parameters for judging the the quality of the nursery orchard product. Other factors to be considered very carefully include the healthiness of the propagation material, the certainty of the varietal identity, the control of the supply sources and the commercial potential of the reproduced clone.
In order to give the fruit grower a more reliable guarantee of success, Pietro Chinaglia nurseries have been centering their production on extremely high quality "virus free" products for over 20 years, one of the first nursery groups in the Veneto region to do so. Pietro Chinaglia Vivai are the pioneers of certified virus-free production in the Veneto region and, on the basis of more than a hundred years' experience in the nursery business and a working approach that has never ceased to keep abreast of the most modern nursery techniques, are able to provide fruit growers with leading edge products and services at all times.
Pietro Chinaglia Vivai have always kept pace with the times. They were the first nursery group in the Veneto region to obtain "virus-free" product certification, the first to provide their customers with all-round technical and economic consultancy and the first to tackle and overcome the challenges of foreign markets. They are also in first place in terms of quality and in the ability to meet the needs of large-scale production. Pietro Chinaglia Vivai are leaders in the fruit tree nursery business.